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Transparent ERP Management with Hub & Spoke - even international

create uniform structures with hub & spoke

  • Central control of ERP for companies with international subsidiaries
  • Highly transparent data structure
  • Uniform approach for custom-specific solutions
  • Global project management


One of OctoCon GmbH’s core competencies is developing, managing and improving centrally controlled ERP solutions for companies with international branches. Using the hub-and-spoke model, we are able to create a very clear data infrastructure that is not only cost-efficient, but also secure. Microsoft Dynamics Business Central already offers many of the basic functions for the hub-and-spoke model (multilingualism, country-specific adjustments, etc.). We therefore concentrate our work on the following points:


Uniform data exchange

Uniform databases in real time. Whether it’s customer data, the current status of goods in the warehouse or accounting information – with hub-and-spoke, every branch has access to the latest available data at any time.

Globally uniform master data

Want to open a new branch somewhere in the world with just a few clicks? Hub-and-spoke makes it possible. All of your company’s master data – customer or item data, for example – is always up to date and ready to go.


Standardization ensures that an approach adopted in one country also works in all other branches across the world. By creating individual expansions of the ERP solution (templates), we enable uniform business processes to be introduced across all international branches.

Integration of customer-specific solutions

Does your business model have special requirements? Perfect! We welcome any unique challenges and specifications you may have. Whether it’s item configurators, chaotic warehouse connectivity or online shops – our hub-and-spoke concepts have it all covered.

ERP solution

Your ERP solution can be expanded to include new standards worldwide and at any time (JetReports/easy Security/OPPlus/EDI).

Worldwide project and product management

The hub-and-spoke concept not only makes it easier for you to control whole projects, it also facilitates the planning and support of roll-outs and collaboration with other development partners.

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